Advantages of Doing Business with Roswell Wool


  • Your wool is exposed 24/7 to the entire International Wool Trade via this website.


  • Our Auction system is the envy of the entire USA.
  • Roswell Wool is also the Largest Auction Warehouse system, thus attracting buyers from around the World.
  • Producers are guaranteed the best price for their wool on any given day.


  • View a current inventory list of all of your wool we have in stock.
  • View detailed reports of all the wool you have ever sold through Roswell Wool
  • Receive Roswell Wool newsletters, auction announcements and specials.


  • Only Major Warehouse in the USA, owned and Managed by 5th generation producers. We operate Roswell Wool, keeping producers needs first and fore most.

Three Locations

Roswell, New Mexico

Serving New Mexico, Colorado, and parts of Texas

Bakersfield, California

Serving California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona

Mertzon, Texas

New Location
Serving Producers Marketing Cooperative Incorporated (PMCI) Members and all Texas producers looking for a new home for their marketing needs.