About Roswell Wool

On behalf of my wife Jennifer and I, we want to Thank You for visiting our website and considering doing business with Roswell Wool.

The Corn Family has been in Roswell, NM since 1878, placing our family’s here and in the Sheep business for the better part of 145 years! We are now working on our 6th Generation and our Families are still Farming/Ranching on the original Headquarters. We are a Ewe/Lamb and Cow/Calf operation as well as retaining our lambs through the feedlot system. This is what we know and understand and many say is why Roswell Wool has been so successful, as I run this business and always make my decisions with producers’ profitability first and foremost

We purchased the Wool Warehouse Co. in Roswell in 1992 and then purchased the competing 2nd warehouse, Roswell Wool & Mohair Inc. in 1994. We then combined the 2 businesses and renamed it Roswell Wool LLC. I began managing the business in 1994. At that time, 100% of the wool we handled (3 million + lbs) was from New Mexico. As time moved on in 2007 we entered into a purchase agreement with Cal-Wool Marketing COOP, which then put Roswell Wool firmly into the #1 volume warehouse in the States. We currently market approximately 3 million pounds of wool, which equates to nearly 30% of the fine and medium wools in the United States. Being a producer, I see the growing need to market America’s wool in a strong Warehouse system. As more and more of the U.S. production is being exported. Foreign & Domestic buyers are looking to locate wool supplies in large quantities as the logistics of moving wool is very expensive. We therefore attract buyers from all over the world. We prefer to offer our customers wool first in our regular scheduled sealed bid auctions (Feb., March, April, May, Oct & Dec) but if a customer isn’t comfortable waiting on a sale we will then announce to the world wool trade via our on line wool inventory which lots are available for prompt sale.

Our auctions are conducted much like any Australian auction. Wool buyers who come to our sales have full test details and grab samples from each bale represented in each sale lot. Our sales are by sealed bids – meaning that each buyer who bids on a lot of wool is by turning his bid into me on a folded bid sheet. When all bids are in my hand, I will then announce the high bidder BUT not until the end of the sale do I announce what the high bid was. Therefore, keeping the speculation on what each buyer is willing to offer secret, thus adding a bit of excitement when several buyers need the same types of wool.

We look forward to earning your business, so you can see why when we say “Dedicated to a Tradition of Integrity”, isn’t just our motto, it’s our reputation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mike Corn
Roswell Wool