Dedicated to a Tradition of Integrity


We are the largest wool warehouse in the US by volume under one roof, handling the best producers in the country!


We insure and store your wool in our wool warehouse, marketing it to the world wide wool market.

American Sheep Industry Wool Assurance Program

We encourage all of our producers to learn about this program and its potential benefits to wool producers.

Spring 2023 Sale Dates

March 29–30
April 26–27
May 31
June 1

Current Info and Rates for the Wool LDP & MAL

We encourage all producers to keep apprised of the current LDP rates. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Committed to Producer Profitability

We’ve owned and operated Roswell Wool since 1992. We’re committed to the profitability of our producers—and our decades of service with integrity speak for themselves.

The Corn Family has been in Roswell, New Mexico, since 1878, placing our families here and in the Sheep business for nearly 145 years! We are now working on our 6th Generation, and our Families are still Farming/Ranching at the original Headquarters.

Roswell Wool Featured on America’s Heartland

Watch America’s Heartland discuss the Roswell, New Mexico, community’s local agriculture with our own Mike Corn.