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212 E. Fourth St.
Roswell, NM 88201

Three Locations
  • Roswell, New Mexico
    Serving New Mexico, Colorado, and parts of Texas
  • Bakersfield, California
    Serving California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona
  • Mertzon, TexasNew location
    serving Producers Marketing Cooperative Incorporated (PMCI) Members and all Texas producers looking for a new home for their marketing needs.
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Terms and Conditions
  1. All bidding will take place on a sealed bid basis.
  2. All bidding will be in U.S. cents per pound on a greasy basis unless noted in sale/wool catalog under comments.
  3. All bidding may take place in increments of three decimals (1/1000) cent per pound clean basis.
  4. Tie bids will be re-offered at the end of each round.
  5. All bids will be on a FOB warehouse basis.
  6. Yield tests are performed according to ASTM designation D584 and IWTO 19.
  7. Fiber diameter measurements are performed using IWTO 47 (OFDA), IWTO 12 (Sirolan LaserScan), and ASTM D2130 (Projection Microscope).
  8. Buyers will be responsible for arranging shipping.
  9. Buyers will be invoiced for ½ the objective measurement test charge plus coring labor charge of $20.00 per lot.
  10. Loading/Handling fees will be charged to buyers at .025 US cents/pound.
  11. Storage fees will be assessed at the rate of .13/bale/day starting 1 month after the wool Invoice Date.
  12. Buyers must be registered with Roswell Wool prior to the sale or post a letter of credit pre-sale.
  13. Payments are due upon receipt of the Invoice. Roswell Wool will accept payment from approved by buyers by check on American banks ONLY. All foreign buyers must arrange payment by wire transfer ONLY! Payments must be received by Roswell Wool before any wools can be loaded for shipment.
  14. Wool will not be insured by Roswell Wool after the date of invoice.